JANDS Center is a contemporary art and cultural center opening soon in Pioneer Square.

Coming in 2017
Jands Building


JANDS Center is a forthcoming mixed-use facility meant to encourage creative synergy, representing a bold new approach to arts philanthropy and cultural activity. It will Include space for art and cultural organizations and housing. It lays money on the idea that creative synergy is spurred by bringing artists, entrepreneurs, and cultural organizations together under one roof.

Tenants so far include the New Foundation Seattle and Seattle Arts and Lectures, as well as a flexible public assembly space.

Information on this site will be updated periodically.

Jands Center Project Team

Development and Management

  • Owners and Developers: John & Shari Behnke
  • Owners' Rep/Development and Construction Management: Costigan Integrated
  • Project Advisor: Drew Behnke
  • Property Manager: Blanton Turner



  • 123 Third Avenue S
  • Seattle, WA 98104

At the corner of 3rd Avenue S and S. Washington Street in Seattle’s Pioneer Square District/Neighborhood.

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